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Today was a Great Day

Today turned out to be a great day.  I was pretty busy with appointments, but I think I saved everyone I met money today.  I love that part of my work.

My first appointment was simple. My client is a veteran and just bought a new home.  It came up that he has not claimed his veteran’s exemption on his Indiana real estate taxes.

My next appointment was an S-Corporation owner that had set his wages way too high.  By doing that, he was overpaying Social Security on Medicare taxes by about $12,000.

The next one was an owner of a construction company that bought enough equipment this year to have a loss on his tax return.  I suggested converting a large portion his IRA to a Roth this year.  Tax free this year AND tax free when it comes out!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

The next one was a mom that had a W-2 job.  I suggested starting a small business in order to take advantage of all of the deductions available to business owners.  (See my blog 7 Reasons Even Grownups Need Lemonade Stands) She had been considering it anyway and now she’s about to embark on a great side hustle.

The last opportunity of the day was a dentist that wants to sell his practice.  There are so many tax savings options here that I can’t even begin to explain it here.

Keep my winning streak going.  Give me a call before the end of the year.  Maybe we can save you thousands, too.