Why I started Delta CPA Group

Accounting is not prep work just to file your tax return

When you started your business, you decided that you were really good at something in particular and knew that if you did that thing more often, you would be able to provide a good living to you  and your family.  You probably didn't start it because you love comparing financial trends, ratios and percentages.   However, if you want to grow your business, or even keep it from dying, these things are vitally important.  At Delta CPA Group, my goal is to take as much of the monotony and time consuming tasks off your plate so we can focus on the financial health of your business together.

Hi, I am Amy Grego, CPA.  I started Delta in 2018 after working for other local accounting firms for 25 years.  I will always be grateful to my previous employers for helping me develop my professional skills.  As time went by, I became increasingly frustrated with the focus in history.  Financial statements are not something to give to the bank when they ask for it or just the groundwork for preparing tax returns.  Financial statements are the foundation of a good business, and certainly, not the final product.  

Delta means an incremental change in a figure or amount.  Helping businesses grow is so important to us that we made it our name.  Our business approach is unusual.   This is not the firm for everybody.  Our clients must be very involved.  Delta encourages focus on profitability, processes, strategy, and minimized taxes.  If you are interested in building your net worth, enjoying life and keeping the tax man at bay, contact us today.

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