Today was a Great Day

Today turned out to be a great day.  I was pretty busy with appointments, but I think I saved everyone I met money today.  I love that part of my work.

My first appointment was simple. My client is a veteran and just bought a new home.  It came up that he has not claimed his veteran’s exemption on his Indiana real estate taxes.

My next appointment was an S-Corporation owner that had set his wages way too high.  By doing that, he was overpaying Social Security on Medicare taxes by about $12,000.

The next one was an owner of a construction company that bought enough equipment this year to have a loss on his tax return.  I suggested converting a large portion his IRA to a Roth this year.  Tax free this year AND tax free when it comes out!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

The next one was a mom that had a W-2 job.  I suggested starting a small business in order to take advantage of all of the deductions available to business owners.  (See my blog 7 Reasons Even Grownups Need Lemonade Stands) She had been considering it anyway and now she’s about to embark on a great side hustle.

The last opportunity of the day was a dentist that wants to sell his practice.  There are so many tax savings options here that I can’t even begin to explain it here.

Keep my winning streak going.  Give me a call before the end of the year.  Maybe we can save you thousands, too.

Amy Grego, CPA

I started my firm in 2018 with the desire to help business owners use strategic and proactive planning to get everything they want from their businesses. Entrepreneurs only concern themselves with the past to the extent they can learn from it. All the magic comes from planning today to make tomorrow brighter. I share that philosophy and want to help make dreams come true.

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