Wouldn't You Rather be Proactive?

We are a proactive Business Advisory and CPA Firm helping you maximize your potential. We start with increasing profits, lowering taxes and improving efficiencies.

Delta - Changing Businesses for the Better 

Take a look around our site & when you are ready to change your business and change your life, schedule a call today.


Tax strategy is a complicated game of "what-if."  On average, small business owner and self employed contractors save around $13,000 per year with a thorough tax plan.  Larger business and real estate investors have saved $80,000 - $274,000 implementing our recommendations.  The average person works until mid-April just to pay taxes.  Don't you have something better to do with your time and money?


You didn't start your business because you wanted to be an accountant.  Honestly, we didn't either.  Financial information is the foundation of all good business strategy.  Therefore, you absolutely must know the profit and other key indicators.  Without understanding the financial information, you are flying blind.  We use the most up to date cloud based apps to streamline the process and take the workload off your plate.


This is where the rubber meets the road.  Henry Ford was known to have buttons on his desk to connect him to the people in his company that could answer his questions.  He knew the importance of having advisors aid him in making key decisions.  Every successful executive relies on advisors.  The role of a business coach is to offer a new perspective and to hold you accountable to your own dreams.

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