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Delta means an incremental change in a figure or amount.

Our business advisory team focuses on helping owners and management teams make positive changes to their business. This is so important to us, we made it our name and our business approach. Our priority is working to move you and your business forward for long-term growth and success.

Amy Grego, Business Advisory

Amy Grego, CPA & Owner

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I started Delta CPA Group after 25 years of working for accounting firms in northeast Indiana. My previous employers helped me develop my professional skills, but I became frustrated by working exclusively on financial statements that told the history of a company. I wanted to work with business owners to help them tell their current and future story. That is what Delta CPA Group is about – helping business owners move their business forward to achieve their goals and dreams.

At Delta CPA Group, my goal is take as much of the monotony and time consuming tasks off the plate of entrepreneurs so we can focus on the financial health and growth of your business together.

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Every business is different and requires their own unique group of advisors. That is why the Delta Planning & Advisory Team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who assist in a wide range of business areas as needed. Our clients have access to over twenty experts in areas such as financing, succession planning, business valuation, investments, insurance planning, employee benefits, and business tax credits and strategies.

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